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Basically, all of this started off as a high school project, and evolved into a full-fledged music project. The first EP and first two albums were put together during my freshman year, and are a really weird mish-mash of confused metal, trap, dubstep, and jazz. Much like freshman me. With my second EP, I learned how to focus on a singular concept, and made a few reggae-influenced songs. With my third album, I learned how to focus on a single style of music, and create longer, more drawn-out songs. With the 4th full-length, I managed to cut out almost all outside influences and make what I was inspired to make, which ended up somewhere between dubstep and industrial. Since I don't like two of my albums sounding a whole lot alike, my 5th album is largely trap and hip-hop influenced, with a little trance and house thrown in. Don't know what I'm gonna do next, but I will say this- don't take me too seriously. Yes, my newer stuff has a little more heart and meaning to it, but the first three albums were entirely campy, tongue-in-cheek stuff. I'm not gonna get successful doing this, and hardly anyone listens to it anyways, so fuck it. I'm-a do what I think sounds good, and if other people start to like it, awesome. Let me know what you think if you listen to it, whether you like it or hate it. What do you like or hate about it, do you have a favorite or least favorite album or song? Any advice? I can take criticism pretty well, and I have a sense of humor about trolls.
UPDATE: My next project will be a full-length, my 6th so far. Musically, it's meant to be a tad progressive- basically a Stuff/Village Idiot type sound, but more focused, and more ambient and vibey. Basically, each song will have something to meditate to. I would know: for this album, I'm not releasing any song or adding any song to it until I've meditated at least once to it.

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