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Gaming music made for you guys ;D
Gaming music made for you guys ;D

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    katzenmuzik about 1 year ago

    Usually I am not posting anything to other walls, but let me know if your opionion on this sweet nothings (zenrmx)

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    † Knigh† oƒ †he King † about 2 years ago

    Hey man,

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for being my 42nd follower, it means a lot to me, I couldn't have made it to my first one hundred without you guys (literally)! So, because of this, I want to know whether you would be interested or have enough time to join my contest in honor of my first 100 followers! I have the link here: "Mystique" 100 Followers Remix Contest it contains all the rules/regs. Deadline is June 30th.

    lemme know if you can join

    ¡†¡ Peace ¡†¡


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    † Knigh† oƒ †he King † about 3 years ago

    I recently went back through and counted through my followers. When I came across your name, I realized that you are the answer to the universe...Thanks for being my 42nd follower!!

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    Dj pinkie about 3 years ago

    welcome to audio tool im dj pinkie. pstt you can call me pinkie but anyway welcome if you have any questions or comments or need help feel free to ask no go fourth and concer my child