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Waz up peeps xD
Welcome to my profile. YES, i know im new and there isn't much stuff on my profile but don't worry. HOPEFULLY (without getiting toooooo much school homework) I can create songs and listen to others.
Name: Jemma
Nickname: Jem Jem (dont know why but friends call me that?)
Music: well i like anyhting NON CLASSICAL -------->>>>>>> Hip Hop, Dubstep, Techno, Hardstyle, Electrohouse, and so on xP
Future hopes: Anything to do within the medical field :)
Hobbies: Playing soccer, drawing, creating, cooking and yeah
Fav Pokemon: Arcues
Fav Colour: Purple
I mostly love dubstep
- Knife party
-Flux pavillion
-Doctor P
Peeps you should tots look at:
@JazzyPopcorn (best Friend/ sister from another mister/ school buddy xD)
@the B-ST
Songs currently working on:
Shut down (colab with JazzyPopocorn)

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