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Read my damn description b4 following me
USOz clan:
@(USOz)Kay Jay [BREAK!!!] (Leader)
@(USOz) Jay beatz
@(USOz) DeadSlim
@(USOz)Dapper Dog
@(USOz) KingShredda
@黒スペード ❤ (BlackSpade)❤
@(USOz) SaberEnya
@(USOz)Y̶u̶n̶g̶ D̶e̶z̶z̶y̶
@Swirrrrly (∞ Hiatus)
USOz (It is in Samoan) = Brothers, it could also mean sisters as well
***This clan has no limits, no boundaries, but just communicate and make each other look good
But if you wanna join and then leave, do not join
If you wanna join, hmu on my wall
I am currently trying my best to work hard as a rapper, singer, and songwriter
I will be posting vids of me rapping and singing on insta (soon)
I only follow those I know, those who are passionate with music, and people I can trust
But if ur just gonna come on audiotool and never come back, do not follow me
*** I dont follow people, so they can follow me, but I only follow people if their music is good, or if ur an honest critic
I make Trap, Hip Hop, Lo-fi, Reggae tracks
I can try others as well, but Im more so into making chill, smooth, sad, love, type of beats

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