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My dream is to be accepted into N.H.B(But that will never happen because my beats suck but I can get better with more practice)
I finna collab with a pro on at
I also want to become a big youtuber with over 1 mil subs(Mostly Gaming)
Everybody must buy the merch if you are reading this( type"COPPED IT" if you actually bought it) (link is only visible to registered users)
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My biggest supporter is: @Kengy9
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You guys can call me Zerrain or SevindyFoe
I have a Chroma Dark Bringer in Murder Mystery 2 (ON ROBLOX) DM me if you have any offers :) Discord: lalainthere#4964
My Homies on Audiotool: @N.H.B NAUTICAL✨ @N.H.B Guywitbeats @Kengy9 @SXCOND GXN @Shottyy_W00 @Ͼ1₳|guero @ATMOSPHERE_BEATZ($ on me) @BREEZYSREVENGE! @Prod.$elly (gone) @@nomadnohome @MOOSEY ♪ @Uzehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @[N.H.B] wutho✨ @Cleeo~ o-onii chan

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