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"Music is my passion.
My passion is music." – #KONGFUSION
At an early age, I was fortunate that my Dad played the guitar and so I grew-up listening to a diverse selection of multi-cultured musical artists — Michael Jackson, Olivia Newton-John, Leif Garret, Santana & The Ventures were some of the very first 8-tracks & vinyls I've heard via my Pops — "music" instantly became my very first love.
Upon entering my teenage years, I would travel back n' forth from Brooklyn & Long Island –where my older cousins (closest family members) introduced me to heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden & Metallica.
Upon entering my late-teenage years, my musical taste began evolving into the more "street-style" offerings such as UTFO, Run DMC, Ice-T & Public Enemy...being from Brooklyn, I was blessed to be a part of The Golden Age of Rap: Big Daddy Kane, Kool G. Rap, Rakim, KRS-One & 3rd Bass were my childhood rap idols.
I enrolled in Maggio Music School in Brooklyn. It was by God's grace that I was lucky enough to have "Joe" — a "far-beyond" talented guitar virtuoso as my weekly guitar teacher. After a few years of intense guitar lessons, I began studying music theory and took classical courses as well.
During high school, my childhood friend and I decided to form a Hardcore band called Overpower. We began playing local shows and caught the attention of several concert promoters who helped us land a major gig — opening for Brooklyn rap groups: Da' Bushbabies and The Beatnuts at L'Amours the "Rock Capitol of Brooklyn" — that particular show created the buzz necessary to land perhaps our most prominent show ever — playing alongside some of our favorite Hardcore bands: All Out War, V.O.D., Out Of Line (Brooklyn), Out Of Line (Queens), etc. at the Bond St. Cafe in NYC.
Unfortunately, I promised my parents that I would attend college and pursue my education as opposed to playing in a band...to be continued.
[Note: Proud owner of over 1,300+ original CD's]

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