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The Original Soundbwoi
Sorry for not uploading much i'm chill-axing, that's all i'll back at Decemeber
For now....... the link to twitter page: (link is only visible to registered users)
Here's the link to my bro's page @Distorted Vortex
2016 is one of the promising year since i started back in 015' and there's more to in 017' and don't worry i'm still making more music in a few months time. Plus more riddim and soulful house traks on my other profile: LIL' GAIN keep making more music u lot and thank for following since the start.
My name is Mahad Omar, 15 Years old and i'm British but i live in Cardiff, Wales,
My Career started 2 years ago who swag and all that crap. Now i cant upload stuff on sound cloud.
If you're from the community that means you can make music hot sexy music well unfortunately i tried to update my Sound cloud profile with my Debit card but the C.VV doesn't work, man it didn't let me activate.

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