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I love making songs that can sort of tell a story. To break free from realistic bounds and create worlds that only art could imagine.
Loop free for over a year now :P (only ever used them for drums, anyway)
Current Album: Glasstopia (http://www.audiotool.com/album/sPErpT)
1 - Through Dystopia
2 - Laser Highway
3 - Glass Wall Sunrays
4 - Armies of Uniform
5 - Rebellion
6 - Utopia of Glass
Thanks for listening to my songs!
My Favorite Users:
@amoeba - snow (UNBELIEVABLE)
@tophat - The Color of Your Kiss (Very touching and happy.)
@Reversal - The Slenderman (O_O)
@THRONE - Off to Tokyo (Didn't think these sounds were achievable by Audiotool.....)
@Inavon - Sole Survivor (The future of the world described in music... really big stuff.)
Seraphus -> |\4alakus
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Skyworld by Malakus

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