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    Yin. about 1 year ago

    godly samples bro... keep it up

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    Tha Civilian about 2 years ago

    hey I write lyrics and record vocals. I'm looking for somebody to work with me on a new song. If you're interested please contact me on my wall or even better on my facebook page (link is only visible to registered users)

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    midijunkie about 2 years ago

    thx to proxima and enjoyyourshoes for this nice little piece of infor

    Machiniste pitch-shifting ( thanks @shoes )

    0 - Root Note

    0.170 - Major 2nd

    0.322 - Major 3rd

    0.415 - Perfect 4th

    0.585 - Perfect 5th

    0.737 - Major 6th

    0.907 - Major 7th

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    matthewC1 about 2 years ago

    Thank you midi . I'm just at work now so I will be delighted to take a look and get to working along side you . Take care

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    matthewC1 about 2 years ago

    hiya midi played around with the track darkcell .