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Music, is my personality. It's the path I choose to make my dream a reality.

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  • i know a lot of people

  • Pick one and stay with it lmao

  • wist

    or euphoria

    or really a lot of other names

  • here i'll send you the draft ok?

  • xohtap

  • i did, its p slow, i like it :D

  • fweeeeeeeeeeee

  • let me know if you need help or suggesstions or anything ive studied music theory for a long ass time and also im a pianist so i can help u with any questions about song / sound structure

  • you definitely have the potential to get good my man. keep it up and stay active and the followers will roll in.

  • Oh.

  • You'll see in a couple of months.

  • See what?

  • I can already see it ;-;

  • oml

  • Haha yes