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Here to enjoy music and enjoy making it.

Some really inspiring artist here on audiotool :


@Jordi Moragues





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  • Bravo pour le featured artist!

    Et merci pour m'avoir fait rentré dans ta playlist :)

    • damn i didnt realize how much duolingo taught me until now

    • Merci <3

      C est normal j ai nommé les artistes AT qui m inspirent le plus et tu en fais evidemment partie ;)

  • You make nice stuff, clean and dreamy :)

    • thx mate happy that you like it!

  • Hi!

    I'm doing a Listening Party on Bandcamp 7pm tonight for my new release 'The 7Day EP'

    (That's 5 hours from posting this)

    You can check it here first, see if you like it:

    The 7Day EP (Demos)

    (The 7Day EP)

    You're welcome to join if you'd like to listen and chat to people at the same time!

    Thank you for reading if you did and apologies for the spam.

    (Follow if you like):


  • Thanks for the follow 🤎🤎🤎🤎

  • yoooo ça fait un bail!

    does anyone can't publish their music?

    I just keep trying but... doesn't work

  • someone tell adobe that im not going to uninstall flash

  • glad to know ive followed you for 6 years :D

  • sup drimeur

  • I'll get my ass in the studio soon. It's winter so making music will be an easy task. Will get to the draft which has been gathering dust all this time.

  • Salut drimeur! J'ai créé un 2e projet dans lequel je viens de copier-coller la partie acide (je t'ai envoyé l'invitation), ça sera plus simple pour distinguer les deux projets. J'ai sauvegardé un bookmark avant de les séparer, donc y a le backup si besoin. Profite bien de tes vacances :)

    • slt sea ! je t'ai laissé un message sur discord. J'essaie de m'y remettre un peu mais j'ai moins de temps en ce moment.

  • Should I chnge my name to lil stitch ina crazy font or keep my name?

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  • drimeur

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