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>my shoulder is practically broken thanks to a hotel elevator<
k, so i'm not gonna be on for like.... maybe a week or more? we're
1. getting a goldendoodle pup⠀
2. i'm switching pc's
3. mourning @I/ / /
4. idk you decide
before i say anything , for those of you who know me personally, i would prefer that you not share any of my personal info, and if you need a name to call me by, just call me broken sans.
secret book:
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quick shout out to a few of my friends,
@I/ / /
@coneᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠbut hroyn ;) ඞ
@The Red Reaver (Keith)
@Heartbroken foxy® gone :C

stay chiptuned!

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