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§ ACTIVE. Read "WALL" Pls. (I accept collabs if given start)
All album/picture cover work made ALL by me @ home. :)
If I continue making music, expect more IDM tracks, deeper-mystic artistic, creative and nostalgic feeling tracks. I have drafts with these elements, better than any music I've ever produced here. I've simply been wanting to perfect it.
§ You may call me nitro or kookoo :D I love nature! <3
I have fun with music, making all different feels. I always want to make music with different textures. I don't look for followers, I look for enjoyment, and If not enjoyment, I enjoy it myself xD I'm having fun learning things here on Audiotool for I am always learning. I appreciate any help offered to me. I may be addicted to Audiotool xD Everyone produces great music, its awesome, Hey... as long as your having fun! Pls feel free to contact me. Especially the fact I'm always up for tips, so pls comment on my tracks! :)
Video Editor, Researcher, Writer, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
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Brighteon/Bitchute: "Nature Is The Answer"
§ Personal Messages To Me Throughout This Journey AKA Open-Minded Inspirations From: Opaqity, Nionsomnia (Young Tree, Dreamwalker), sbz. (J. Fields, Tophat), Vulkron (DJNick123456), Spacekitty, okin, DARKLITE and MANY others! These Artists have evolved over time into tracks worth popular masterpieces of REAL thought-out music! That tells you something about the AT community! Love all of u peeps <3 Collabs done with Spacekitty, Hydrium, Vulkron, Vania

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