Kib: Great ass collab, really liked the melodies, these two mad lads are great

Jetdarc: yoo this really was great! we were all kinda dead a bit but we made time to finish this. kib and shmoop are epic gamers support them pleas

Shmoopy: ik i prob didnt help as much as i should have, and im sorry, but thank you so much for inviting me

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  • THIS IS SEXY!!!! ( ͡ꈍ ͜ʖ̫ ͡ꈍ )

  • this is sick can we collab?

  • Hm i know an alt title! "Collapsing universe"

    Also you know what i have to do >:)

    • And the star fly's to your home planet before the super nova activates. and as soon as the leader try's to attack you, You activate the super nova as a last resort to defeating the leader. The super nova explodes killing the leader... But sadly you die too. Once the star goes to the planet they already know something bad happened. And when they look around for you. Someone spots a super nova exactly where you were. The people make a memorial in honer of your sacrifice (To be continued...?)

    • You gather up all of your courage and resist the urge to just run away. Because... Why else would the star call YOU only. Your sword forms into a orb containing a star inside. Now... Its time to fight. You jump and cast a star below you and launch a orb at the leader and you instantly then you summon falling stars to attack and then cast a beam of light onto the leader but while you try to they attack you and make you fall so you cast one last spell. You create a super nova and a star above you.

    • The one and only... Star Of Creation. The star shines more brighter more and more until it stops and then it flashes bright in the sky and shines normally. But when it flashed, You felt like something just happened to you, And you realize... Your not just fighting because the people called you to fight. No. The star was the one to call you. You snap back into reality. And now... Its time for the final fight... The fight against... The Soul Of Destruction. As you focus you can hear the Star talk.

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  • Also this is my favorite song!

  • This is so good!

  • holy fucking shit this is asthetic af and fucking good.

  • I honestly just love it when artists collaborate and you can distinctly hear their two individual styles come together, while still knowing who might've done what. It's beautiful. :')

  • Mega man battle network soundin' ass <3

  • ooooh this is nice :D

  • 0:34 that counter melody is perfect


  • the perfect collab

  • nice

  • I bet you $100 the YouTuber an0nymooose is gonna use this

    • that's why you guys have the upload your song to youtube before they do

  • <3