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i am the T3kKN0 GUrILLA!!!..... nuff said
(story behind my name::: on july 6-7-8 2012 i went to a reve festival called ASTRAL HARVES! my costume was a monkey suit... i quickly became popular with the crowd and easily got them all pumped.... on the last day at 4:15 in the morning... a dj who calls himself SCHWAG DANKUS had me come up on stage while he did some mixing... he was tripping out and we ended up hypiing the crowd to the max... they were jumping around and rocking out.... SCHwag called me the techno gorrilla and the crowd did the same....i was named.... so thats my story.... schwag gave me the only live cd recorded at the show.... and my album cover will be uploaded shortly!!!!
1-- 10 followers = ACHIEVED!...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL
2-- 50 followers = NOT YET!
3-- 30 favorites on 2 songs = NOT YET!
4-- create a song fully by scratch = NOT YET!
5-- have an official collab = NOT YET!
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