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I am a girl I wont be putting tracks on much but I am friendly nice and I hope to be friends

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  • What is up with the tracks

  • #TronaldDUMP


    (Read my wall to understand)

  • XD

  • oh X3

  • ? Np wat?

  • Great, thx!! U?

  • Hey! ;D

  • Hey!! X3

  • How are you? Did you try out for the play?! Also... HI!

  • I'm goin into my other profile. I haven't made a song yet, so I'm goin to go make one. U can talk to me on that if u want.

  • Oky-Doky

    I used my school laptop when I first started AT XD

  • Workin on any songs?

  • Added u

  • I just realized, I haven't put u on my friends and family list!

  • and if u kindaaaa cant read Swedish, then here you go... hahaha

    hi, how are you doing?!? i do with for you to be doing well... and also do you wanna b friends with me?!? hahaha, XD and i am on here pretty much every day, so if you wanted to comment on my wall, i will write back, pretty much always! haha yay