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If you came here for the trashiest trash in music history, well then, look no further. I present to you a heavier arsenal than South Korea, ZSSR and America combined. An arsenal of trash, shitposts, draft dumps and more useless crying about my Oh so cruel life. Keeps my own wall nice and clean.


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  • Haha Tau

  • penis trauma

  • tauons are heavy leptons

  • random fact about me: this wall is pure cringe.

  • bruh, dumb account with a dumb purpose ;)

  • this person sucks

  • Penis trauma

  • Random fact about me #0000005: I got my Fiji bottle back and I had Nerds and some weird Japanese pineapple soda, with that pearl thing and I don't know why I am so fascinated about it, it's just a bunch of sweets I can't get in Slovakia. Eventhough I could get used to buying Reese's more often...

  • I hate this temperature and I hate how these days remind me of dark days without reason, just sitting or lying somewhere only knowing that my life is another 24 hours shorter.

    • I get it, I told myself that as well. Still, it feels a bit off that I couldn't do much more for them, I just hope that they're in a better place now.

    • Don't feel guilty...look, you can still write the song man there's no reason to feel guilty, Our time is our time and there's not much we can do about that. The best thing is to not focus on someone leaving us and focus on the times we had. My aunt passed away last week and I cried the whole time at here funeral. But I realize that she would want me to be happy and cherish the memories that we had. It's hard, but it's the only way to feel better for me

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  • Random fact about me #0000004: I have very slight seasonal depressions because of me associating the cold with health problems. I love Christmas and Advent though. I'm a strange being.

  • I'm tired of talking about how tired I am, please help :D

  • I feel trash again, gr8 that I have been born with this outlook on life :)

  • random fact about me #0000003: my fiji bottle just shrunk in the dishwasher... now Im sad...

  • I wish I could keep on pretending, but I can't say YES.

  • Random fact about me #0000002: I love water and my Fiji bottle, for some reason.