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Tray Broskie is Back!!!!!

16 years old. Love chill. Will like to work with other people to get better at making beats. Wanna do a beat with me? HMU! LET'S GET IT BROSKIE!!! (@tray_coleman/wall)
My INSTAGRAM: traymypt
My SNAPCHAT: tray_coleman14
@VII초☁ - Broskie of album charting
@❤savage.queen❤ (gone) - My BABY GURL
@エDrizzy On The Trxckツ - Broskie with tha beats.
@Mells - Broskie with the NEW future Bass
@shel - Brother Broskie
@MØB⁑ Divine 神聖な - SoB Broskie
@*DISS* Cyro In Love <3 - Sister Broskie/ LIL Sis XD
@[dotaki. ライト. b e a t s]☁ - Vibin Broskie
@KxngDay - Legendary Broskie in tha makin
@TrvpWave - My 2k16 Broskie XD
@TteeraBeats セージ - A G.O.A.T. in tha makin XD

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