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if you wanna have fun check this out :D (link is only visible to registered users)
Thank you to everybody who has ever listened or given feedback on any of my tracks. I've learned alot from all of you and i truly appreciate.
you should take a look at:
My best tracks:
Please Don´t Kill My Vibe
Esteem (Udsinep Glitch Hop Edit)
Don´t Lose
Hold on
i´m burning up a sun just to say goodbye
2 minutes 8 seconds of breaking glass
audiotool is a very great comunity=)
all you who listen to my music=) i thank you very much=)
People who inspiere me:
I love Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trip hop and Jazz
I´m from Germany and i love creating my own styles
please spam my wall at any time, i will listen and comment
i would love to hear criticism on my tracks=)

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