Dj Skittle

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I live in a world were I Dj Skittle make the best up beat and best bass droppers. I believe that I can delivery any music you can throw at such as Dub,Techno,Edm,Trance,House,and Trap. So if you something done I will delivery it to you. I was inspired by some famous artist such as skrillex,virtual riot,Martin Garrix,Jauz,and Deadmaus5.

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  • i thought you could delivery any music i can throw at

    where are the bass droppers dj skittle

  • I am sorry I have not been posting new music. The reason why is because I have need time to think but now I am back and ready.

    • where are new bass droppers?


    After 8 years i finally made it to the AT charts

    SOL△RIS is ranked #8 on drumnbass.

    Actually this was the first track I released on AT 8 years ago...

    Give it a listen...

  • I up for too and I will delivery it to you.

  • I will delivery it to you

  • ty for the follow skittl