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  • Hey fuck off and die please k thx :D

  • You know what, I bet this is a fake account that Rysco made to be an absolute prick to people without getting any hate. Well in that case, good job Rysco, you've unleashed the shitstorm

  • It's funny, you even suck at trolling XD learn to spell too. Also, I have a feeling you're one of Rysco's friends in real life and either he's put you up to it or you're doing it because of all the hate he gets, either way you're a terrible troll ;) now go home. Just leave Audiotool. Kthxbai.

  • You are so bad I hate listening to ur music... It gives me a headache @panic Attack

  • Stop hatin u all suck at music cept @rysco

  • Hey hey, my first track in everness... I wouldn't give a snugg if ya checked it out

    Pilot (ft. Rysco)

    Thank ya fur ya time

  • Penis licker.

  • You're such a joke man :') I'm waiting for your first track so I can totally destroy you with hate. Also, how is @Rysco in any way better than me? No offence to him, he's alright but even then, give me 3 ways in which he's better than me

  • Haha u kill me man hahahaha thx a lot bro

  • New song-------> 2pac Lives a tribute to Tupac Shakur (rip)

    Check it out and maybe leave a like :)

  • Im cookin up some fresh beats in the lab