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a-recordsMaking of Legendary Audiotool Tracks: Xavi-Invisible

In this special number of 'Edition Audiotool' we introduce the pieces featured in our Making of series on our Facebook. This album will grow as the series continues. So stay tuned.

Special thanks to the artists for taking the time.

1. Boogie Moogie by @Frigolito

"It was right after three busy weeks of application trials to music colleges, and I finally felt like I had time to do something else than practicing the violin. That led my thoughts to composing, which in this case got to Audiotool. I opened the homepage ..."

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2. Kitsch (Remix) by @Kepz

"I don't remember exactly when I started the remix, it might have been early 2012. I loved kitsch, I had it on my phone, I listened to it all the time and was amazed by every detail in it. After a while the middle section was starting to give me a vision of a whole different track ..."

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3. Venus Transit by @Shakey

" This track was made some four years ago when I was still relatively new to Audiotool. The starting point for this track came when I listened to White Grizzly’s track ‘The Sweet Madness of Angels’. He’d created this wonderful shimmering pad using a pitch delay ..."

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4. Invisible by @Xavi

„I made this song during my second semester of College, and was trying out my new laptop by putting it to its limits on Audiotool. Looking back, it was not a good setup at all, but I was understandably excited. I usually don‘t go into producing with a proper plan in place (as one could see if they opened my old tracks-it‘s a complete mess), so I would usually just sit down and create whatever. I was not happy with the song at all to be particularly honest …“

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  • User Avatar

    aeiter about 10 months ago

    Where's lonesome!?

  • User Avatar

    Aringrey about 10 months ago

    that xavi track truly is invisible

  • User Avatar

    owen about 2 years ago

    This is really cool

  • User Avatar

    shivlol about 2 years ago

    great job

  • User Avatar

    Xavi about 2 years ago

    Yes, I love this, more of this!