This is my submission to the Moogfest, in shape of a Funky DnB track featuring an emulated theremin. Enjoy! :)

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  • i hum this monthly to this day lol

  • oh wow

    • deserving of every listen and favourite this has gotten

  • Holy


  • the start makes me want to float into the sun

  • Love that gamer feel this track has. Great job

  • Lets a goooo - mario

  • coming back here just to be astonished by... actually every single part of this track. today it was 1:49 that amazed me.

  • one of the best songs on the site to this day

  • Man I still remember this from when I heard it so so so long ago when I was first starting out on here, good times. I've occasionally thought of this track and have had forgotten what it was, but it still popped up in my mind a lot over time despite forgetting where it had come from, I've been trying to remember for so long

  • why and how and where did i miss this pls

  • happiness

  • That was suppose to be an ice level OST from Mega Man X, right?

  • probably top 3 fav tracks on here

  • the best of the best