Edition Audiotool: Zone

Total playing time: 0:54:26

This week's Featured Artist is Zone. He compiled these tracks for us. Thanks Nicklas

@Snadbrugen - Sunshine:

"This is one of my favorite tracks on the Sandorama EP. I literally played this track for days after getting the vinyl. The track seems slightly chaotic while still being in control. When I listen to this track I get the feeling of "traveling through dimensions". Evil, wicked catchy and hypnotic vibes, a very well made track."

@Infyuthsion - Program 8

"I absolutely adore Infyuthsions synth pop tracks, cosmonaut, short circuit etc.. They're so groovy with such a variation in sound and melody, that they're interesting throughout. With this track, Program 8, he really caught the Com Truise spirit in his own way. A very well tailored track with amazing synth bends and stabby bass sounds."

@sumad - Im Kreis tanzen

"Again, one of my favorite tracks of an a-records release: sumads Summersum EP. A minimal track with just the right amount of bass, hi hats and cymbals, the evolving bassline keeps it interesting and gives the track a very refined and wholesome sound. The groove is just perfect, so catchy and what a rhythm."

@trrrrillionare - Natural blue

"Amazing lo-fi feeling with nice subtle textures. This is what sampling is all about!!! The vocal/guitar sample is so well integrated into the rest of the track, since it fits so well with the rest of trrrrillionares unique sound design. The track's got deep, warm feelings with awesome, minimal and catchy melodies that makes you fall into the groove instantly. "

@Hbeao - When Stars Collide ( @rnzr remix):

"The track that made me join audiotool. A clean and very well balanced track with thoughtful yet happy melodies. A good beat and a solid arrangement that makes the track flow really well."

@valt - Passive

"A full, lush, textured pad and a solid beat. When I listen to this track, I feel like time is slowing down and I'm about to go into a state of trance. It's a really simple and soothing track, yet with a lot of depth."

@Akimbo - Technicolour:

"This is a classic akimbo drum and bass track. A tight beat with a smooth baseline and well fitting vocals. It's got a light composition, where every element has got it's own distinct role: Every sound is perfectly fitting and you can hear every little detail. A well produced and clean track."

@Aaron - Missed:

"I had a hard time picking my favorite Aaron track. He's just an amazing artist and he probably makes the most ideal music for me: clean, with the right amount of noise and crisp textures. This is the kind of music I myself strive to make, but fail miserably at.

Aarons latests song's are just astonishingly good and 'Missed' ins't an exception."

@amoeba - what I felt:

"I really like this song by amoeba. The percs are just amazingly crisp and fit so well with the underlaying subtle pads. It creates a nostalgic warmth. The glitched mid-range synth changes the mood slightly and adds to the atmosphere. It really makes the track unique and stand out. It's a really well produced track with lots of interesting elements and ideas."

@cripta - Berlination

"A catchy track from Cripta that brings back good memories from Berlin 2012/tooltime. I just love the breaks, the subtle changes throughout the track and the synth design. Criptas music is a sure party starter."


"I'm gonna pick TEGM: @naut

He's good at what he's doing: making straightforward music that's easy to listen to, with solid compositions, arrangements, catchy vocals and melodies!

Adding to that, I think he's doing a really good job blending recorded instruments and vocals with the synths and effect pedals in AT. "

Another great TEGM track Compulsion

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  • Is that you

  • Luigi?

  • so happy trrrrillionaire is in there

  • totally agree with the aaron track and im very happy i can be in a group with you two! -Aron

  • <3

  • When Stars Collide (rnzr's remix) has a very interesting story with it! Literally a day after Hbeao had published it, rnzr did this quick remix, which was featured that same day ahahaha. It was a legendary track being that "wub" basses weren't that common around that time.. I love old audiotool memories!

    I'm also happy you mentioned trrrrrrrillionaire... so much talent!

  • @sumad It's still a flawless and catchy track, if you ask me :) Eventhough you might call it a test or experiment.

    @naut np mate :)

  • Oh, thanks for the compliments guys! Thanks to a-records for giving me the opportunity to make this playlist :)

  • he cool thank you - but i dont know why people find "im kreis tanzen" good - the content was equal for me it was only a test for a new sounddesign -

  • oh wow, thanks Zone, it's an honour!

    Great selection by the way, love every track here.

  • finally someone mentions natural blue. in my opinion one of the most unique tracks on this site. not because of the design or something but this track got so much drive/atmosphere that it really stands out significantly. anyways, great selection.

  • Well this was unexpected!

    Thanks alot Zone, means a lot to me :)

  • nice stuff!