I had an arcticle I read in Computer Music in mind, the concept that music can work on progressive variations instead of one repeating hook. Borrowing from the idea of jazz, I tried to have a whole bunch of instruments doing some good stuff throughout. Applied electronicall,y of course.


Tons of synth exploitation, and a compositional variation not very commonly seen in my tracks. I tried to make every passage unique. Also, check that boss noise solo. NOISE SOLO.


Also, thanks to Arche who's crazy super synths in part inpsired me, and my teebee patternage.

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  • even if you never make music again, I'll always remember this track as your legacy; proof that you could bring something to the table that no one else has ever managed to do

  • nice one

  • coming back to the very first noise solo i heard

  • This song pops up occasionally when I have my headphones in, and I still love it. Takes me back to a very special time in my life. Thanks for making this track all those years ago, old friend.

  • bro, can use this music for my game?

  • fuck how have i never heard this

    this is super good for being 6 years old

    dank as shit

  • refav!

  • Ooooh the good ol' audiotool days when most of the music on the site wasn't trash (IMO). :)

  • haha reminds me of the time when the bass is mono.

  • wow

  • Anyone who's on right now who hasn't heard this one, give it a listen.

  • i would rather have this the most popular song on AT than grindingbot

  • aaaa


  • I'm still irritated by those missing toms.