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PathfinderATD 19 TOP 10 Results

Total playing time: 0:40:24

Audiotool Day 2019 was a great success thanks to you! Unbelievable how many high quality contributions were made, we thank you for your participation and hope everyone had fun! We tried to judge the entries based on the known factors and make it fair for everyone. You have made it really hard for us!


1. XculE

Has contributed an incredibly powerful track, with outstanding sound design and an energetic mix. This track has a good progression and remains exciting thanks to the combination of different genre elements.


2. heissen

Find Your Way Out Of Anthropology - Captivated us with its fresh and varied ideas, the fantastic staggering of rhythms and space draws the listener into an abstract world of colors. The creative design is impressive.


3. Velocistar

Velocistar has produced a real hit here, the soothing pads accompanied by a syncopated beat create a brilliant contrast to the dirty basses that make your walls shake!


4. Rai

Rai places on the fourth place with this comeback track, fantastic powerful sound design and atmosphere! Welcome back!


5. Vistamista

One of the most playful and varied tracks on place five. Great use of percussive elements and texture changes which surprises the listener again and again.

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