Here is my entry! What a great way to start off the year ! x3


This song, what I wanted to do with it, is put everything I know and can do, into one song :P I don't know how I managed to do it, with the genres I covered, but damn, I am proud of myself, if you like it or not xD


hope you all enjoy! uwu


Cover art made by:

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  • Mother humper, let me download

  • I honestly can't believe that there's any salt at all over Xcule winning at all. It's honestly really disappointing people can't just say gg and move on.

    Guess what, dubstep is hard. producing decent dubstep is harder than any other edm genre, any artist with experience will tell you the same thing. It's really no surprise the Xcule won, cuz the drop I bet was what the judges were looking at, honestly. That kind of sound design can be a nightmare, and it can take a good while to produce.

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  • my fav so far :D

    • please never change vibil

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  • just amazing

  • i remember when vizil was doing so much against this, honestly i love this

  • ayyyyy 5000 listeners

  • Dang, my dubstep's a straight up piece of crap compared to this, lol. Great job, XculE!

  • OMG! XD

    boppin to this heat!

  • This would've made #1 in dubstep too. It's soo good!!

  • You’re too good to be this hidden

  • Where did you come from breh

  • Now what the frick

  • congrats on the win btw

    not a big fan of the intro, but the drop put me in past tense

  • #9 in singles.