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Jacob TylerTop 15: ATDAY2017

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1. Inavon - No Future: "Contrast is good. not best mix etc but one of the best in terms of structure, composition, atmosphere and creativity" - @inver . "The mix of garage and Inavon’s distinct style of trance is unlike anything i’ve heard before" - @Kepz . "New musical ideas coming in all the time, mostly good mixing choice but certainly the best composed track in the competition" - Jacob. Please message my wall Inavon about getting your beatport voucher !!

2. Leadenshrew - Audiotool Day 2017: "Insane production." - @inver . "Bass music at its best." - @Kepz . "Really impressive sound design, over compressed and over saturated in places but doesn't ruin the whole track" - Jacob.

3. Ollie - Hope: "Nice" - @inver . "Complex track with a few interesting elements and oldschool sounds which are rare for the genre." - @Kepz . "Really interesting structure and instrumentation. Nice mixed and not over compressed. Not overly repetitive with new interesting themes occurring regularly" - Jacob.

4. Werbs - Audiotool Day 2017

5. Cal Lycus - Bubble

6. acloudysky - Spaces

7. Bleu - Why

8. Kryptic - World for Us

9. Caleb - SEVENTY5

10. Audiotool Day 2017 - Heisten

11. Tocka - Saroah

12. Kib - Forever

13. Meur - Wasted

14. Recompense - Reach

15. E-trim - Audiotool Day 2017

Thankyou to everyone that entered the competition. It has been really fun to listen to and judge this years entries as it shows how far the software has come, as well as how far you have all come.


Jacob, @Kepz , @inver

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  • User Avatar

    [o-o-o] 5 days ago

    lol finally this is #1 ;)

  • User Avatar

    私はjura. 3 weeks ago

    congrats everybody! :D

  • User Avatar

    heisten about 1 month ago

    Woah thanks

  • User Avatar

    Werbs about 1 month ago

    would it be at all possible to add commentary on all the tracks? i just wanna see what I did well and didn't, that's all

    • User Avatar

      Werbs 4 weeks ago

      ok thanks

    • User Avatar

      Kepz about 1 month ago

      it's pretty hard to comment on everything. After listening to so many entries, you kind of realise how many tracks are based on same ideas, structure, sound design and they don't become as memorable as a few select ones which left an impact.

      Your track was very well made. Individually it's a great piece and it's perfect. The winning tracks were just that little bit more captivating amongst 100+ entries.

    • User Avatar

      Kib (Remix Comp) about 1 month ago

      yeah, I want that too

  • User Avatar

    it's embr about 1 month ago


  • User Avatar

    XculE about 1 month ago

    One can dream to make it on the list, rip x3 Congrats to all!

  • User Avatar

    Velocistar (REMIX COMP!) about 1 month ago

    I didn't think I would make it on here, but these were all great candidates!

  • User Avatar

    E-trim about 1 month ago

    Nice to see i'm still in top 15 despite publishing a quick composition. Thx Jacob for doing this yearly contest. Always having a blast making the AT-day tracks

  • User Avatar

    leadenshrew about 1 month ago

    congrats to everyone who placed! keep this comp going, its so good

  • User Avatar

    inver about 1 month ago

    good job everyone, it was great to be a judge of this great competition this time around

  • User Avatar

    Kryptic about 1 month ago

    Amazing production by everyone as always! Proud to be part of such an amazing community <3

  • User Avatar

    Werbs about 1 month ago

    no way i got 4th thanks so much and congrats to all the other winners!

  • User Avatar

    Recompense about 1 month ago

    thanks so much guys! congrats to all the winners

  • User Avatar

    Kib (Remix Comp) about 1 month ago

    Thank you so much and congratulations to everyone, this year was great! <3

  • User Avatar

    Cal Lycus about 1 month ago

    Congrats to all, huge thanks to Jacob and the gang for running this each year and judging,