Cover of track Forever [ATD2017] by Kib
  • about 7 months ago
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Kib, Forever [ATD2017]


I hope this one works out well.

To be honest, I never saw myself making a track like this. But, one thing led to another and it happened. I'm happy with it.


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    palindrome about 1 month ago

    0:49 carol of the bells lookin ass

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    about 1 month ago

    I mixed with a centroid or two and edited a synth and drum placement, sounds a LOT better

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    Kib about 3 months ago

    yo, I didnt know this hit 2k listens, hell yeah

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    Ɱöηϯˠ about 3 months ago

    refave because yes.

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    Ari. about 6 months ago


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      Ari. about 4 months ago

      rebabe again

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      Ari. about 6 months ago

      i actually dont know like any french at all haha i used google translate, bc i knew what merci meant :/ im in spanish 2 tho, i hate the class tho, not for the language, but bc the lessons are made to be boring and tedious rather than trying in any sense to make the language seem interesting

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      Kib about 6 months ago

      I guess that's why I didn't know that is a more formal way to say you're welcome

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