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VulkronDrop Contest WINNERS!!

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Thank you all so much for entering my contest. I had no idea I was gonna get this many entries :D

Honestly, all of your entries were really good. I had a bit of trouble judging on a lot of songs :D

But I've done my judging part, And this is in the order of who won:


@Kryptic - Your entry was Legit fam :D You got a clear first place. Sound design sounded exactly like something you would hear on the radio. I could go on about how excellent your sound design was. But for the sake of everyone else, I wont :P. Good job d00d <3 <3

@RNVK [Remix comp results] - I really loved your future bass drop man. Insane chord design and literally everything about it. I will say its not quite top quality, but then again this is audiotool we're talking about. Its not exactly easy to make something that could be played on a radio. So your entry was amazing for audiotool dood :D Nice job fam <3 <3

@calberg - I loved your ideas with this one. You didnt go for any sort of chord design at all. You went off the beaten path into the land of trap and riddim. Your... thing sounds so good dude :D :D Nice job d00d <3 <3

@Infyuthsion - Honestly, I'm honored that you entered my contest. All your music sounds so clean. Good job as always man :D <3 <3

@Sunder - You know me too well XD Of course you did future house as your entry :D. Your sound design was on point tbh minus mastering. Everything sounded so clean and nice man. Good job man <3 <3


Special Thanks to @Delve for the album cover! :D


Thanks everyone again for entering my contest! Hope you all had fun. Everyone did amazing! <3

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    Stormdrain about 4 months ago

    I wish so much that I could make something like these... Just so cool :D

  • User Avatar

    p_lukgang about 6 months ago

    can you tell me how to make a beat i know how to make it only with my things in front off me not on line

    • User Avatar

      Hey Bud about 5 months ago

      (Really a board post but whatever) Get a drum plugin on the board, go to the track area, click add track (On the left) and hover over your drum plugin's name (e.g. machiniste(1) or like) and click note track. From there you can ind the drums and place them down on the note track. Hope this helps.

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    Aringrey about 6 months ago

    sad that I didn't make it cause I thought I had a unique idea. But overally, I think this is cool. Don't want to be ungreatful. Your stuff is always easy and fun to remix. So yeah. I enjoyed this. Looking forward to next time :P

  • User Avatar

    §ȋȑ about 6 months ago

    You should have listened to dis The Only Way is The Only Way (ExPe Remix)

  • User Avatar

    calberg about 6 months ago

    oh damn i made it i didnt think i would whattttt

    • User Avatar

      Vulkron about 6 months ago

      my mans

      do u not hear ur own badass music?