Edition Audiotool: mbelow

Total playing time: 0:49:15

Enjoy the varied Top 10 of our Featured Team Member @Martin Below

1. @rnzr - kitsch (Kepz Remix) by @Kepz

Big fan of Kepz drum programming here which mimics human feel on so many levels.

2. Opaque Transparency by @VLTRA

extraordinary athmo and production

3. Cadmium Hotel by @CGK

Great multi-layered percussion work

4. 7 Shots by @Jambam

I like this growling 303 sound as well as the hypnotic atmosphere on this

5. Fading away by @Audial

I don't know how many times I have listened to this one. This melody is persistently stuck in my head.

Such a pity that this audial guy has taken over dusk's account ;)

6. Sapphire by @abstract

When I joined the AT team, I installed a snapshot of the database on my laptop. This track was featured on the start page at that time, so I played it a lot when developing testing. And I eventually liked it very much!

7. Survival by @CGMan

Nothing needs to be said about the great cgman. DnB (oh excuse me, neurofunk) at it's best!

8. The Truth by @Sonic Particles

amazing sound design, ultimate fat production!

9. Einzeit by @André Michelle

Very surprised hearing such from Andre!

10. Pretender by @tornsage

Melancholic feel with a killer vocal line.

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  • Thank you for including me man! One of my least faves by myself though xD

  • No.

  • Whoa cheers for including me dude! :) Not sure it fits in with all of these great tracks!

  • Great selections!

  • Hey man! Great photo! *gggg*

    And a distinguished choice! :>)

  • nice phone and selection too ;)

  • great selection :)