I have spent quite a while on this one, I wanted to evoke some emotion and I think I've down ok, I have sat for a while just listening to the main section looping over and over and I think that it has quite a melancholy feel.

I'd like to thank all the contributers (I know I have a lot, it's kinda my thing), I used a vocal sample from @eduardodj and a rain sample and a load of one shots. I usually always start with a preset and then edit the parameters to get the sound I want, I find it to be a lot more efficient.

Big thanks to Olaf for a great template and to Aaron again, because this track was inspired by Quaranitine, thats 2 songs now that I have written because of that song.

Fav and comment :)

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  • love this

  • i accidentally kept the browser on in the background and now i am the only listener here . lol

  • the percussion is splendid

  • Emotion.


  • I think I'll come back to this stuff some time

  • I haven't listened to these in a long time...

  • still one of my absolute favs

  • wonderful :)

  • The Bass is clipping? Is that supposed to be part of the sound? It's kind-of all that i can notice even though the melody is beautiful, and the drums are astounding.

  • Stop apologizing for contributors... Your music is simply amazing!!!!

  • Reminds me of ASURA. Check him out; he makes good psybient.

  • this is amazing...

  • Instant erection. I think you could sell this in place of Viagra. Amazing tho.

  • I could see this in a movie. The intro is very powerful.