Total playing time: 2:16:29

My personal classics. They may not be the best tracks, they may not be my absolute favourites, and the artists may have improved a lot since they published them. These are just the tracks that bring me a lot of good memories. Also there would be much more Jonjon on here, but you know.. he likes to delete his work..

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  • Ah, ye olde audiotool. Techno was still no.1, 50 followers was a big deal, and people still used the Roland emulators. Didn't even have a graphical EQ yet. A piece of me really misses it.

  • I think this is the first generation of Audiotool bigs, i can recognize almost all of them :)

  • Wow, I only recognize... not even half of these!

  • Ats background used to be white? We have come so far :)

  • Awesome album c:

  • fiiireeeestarter! wave of nostalgia seeing that pic

  • yeah i know ;) also still have most of them on my pc!

  • especially silent war! inspired me so much!

  • can't remember tesla, but yeah the ones i really remember are eye phone, silent war and last orders

  • Hehehe at jonjon, let me guess, eye phone, Tesla & breach of trust?

  • aaahhh, the classics. <3

  • Very cool album,

  • really cool album :)

  • well my friend kepz....you too....full respect ;)