Bass .... : Pulverisateur (2)

... Melody ... : Pulverisateur

... Chorus ... : Bassline

... Beats ... : Machiniste & Convenience

... FX ... : Machiniste (1) & Oneshots

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  • I like it so much I looped it and play it all afternoon when in my workshop..

  • Nice! :~)

  • Oh my.... that's a classic you've great idea for melodys

  • HOLY SHIT 450418 VIEWS!??!??!? MAH GAHHHDD!!!

  • ll all this views and that less likes

  • yes I payed 10$ per play

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  • 450381 PLAYS!?

  • actually its a bit boring

  • I hate it :D

  • only herd like 1 sec and loved it

  • is their a play-buying service for audio tool?

    • and only 0,062 % of the listeners liked it. So its my less liked track by far ;)

    • If this wasnt from such historical meaning I would have deleted it long time ago. I hate it :D

    • the historical background again: "this is a relict from the early days. There were three tracks of that time in the start menu of the app were you could start from. This was the techno one. The others were from CGman and Infy if I remember right ... so not really a big thing to get this amount of listens."

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  • free translation: Dickface

  • the story of the amount of views is written two posts above :)

  • how tf.... tf is up with the views?

  • Wtf how did this get so many plays O.o