Buon appetito :)

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  • remember this from the 1st podcast yeah!

  • lol

  • Phaser Food!!!

  • Whos talking now???? ;)

  • mmm fruity

  • what are you in on the "kepz_equivocate" trending conspiracy now ??? hehe

  • yep - awesome !!

  • Damn this amazing, good stuff Cripta very nice!!!

  • i was wondering why this song was in "trending" lol... yes baseCOPP no problem :)

  • do you want me to put this song on youtube?

  • omg this is so old and i didnt hear it! but this was an absolute killer on the podcast!! great!!!

  • Damn nice!

  • Wow. Cool Track with a very nice Atmo.

  • thankssss m8s ....need to understand better how to work the synth..and the compressor too...

  • It has nothing to envy to professional productions

    good job, keep it up!