haunted by this melody

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  • woah...


  • ;) still love it bro. one of the best..

  • fav if you're still listening in 2014

  • Oh my this is so much winnnn... So great

  • Ahh memories.. <3 too good.

  • Wow this is amazing!

  • Stopping in again to show some love... this track is so powerful man.

  • Far out Man!!!!! :O This is beautiful :D

    My fav track on AT so far

    Astrum u r one talented artist :)

  • how could i have looked over this

    very nice

  • nice

  • Liked the dnB

  • I love this song!!! DnB <3

  • Yes I agree fully. This is on the verge of being a proffesional at what you love to do and I respect that and this is probably one the best tracks I've heard in a very long time this is brilliant. I wish I could make stuff like this. This is the kind of music I hear on BPM and other techno radio stations and it's awesome. And I'm sure orbit had no intention of coming across completely insulting. Plus, don't care what other people think cause they're just opinions