Edition Audiotool: Vassrvögel

Total playing time: 1:02:55

Check out @Vassrvögel 's great list of tracks. Visits her feature on Facebook aswell: (link is only visible to registered users)

1. Anna by @navor

"Oh my gosh, I can't describe how great this song is. It just is. I remembered crying for quite awhile when I first saw this, oh goodness, my parents thought I was having a weird fit or something! Good job, guys, this is such a beautiful track!!"

2. Obsidianschwarz by @Cuds

"Cuddlex invited me to this amazing track and I instantly fell in love with it. From the rough bass to the general awesomeness; this track is just sheer genius. I learned so much from this draft as well, and my basses got so much weirder!"

3. Rabbit by @tornsage

"The piano within this song is so beautifully executed. The general feel of it gives a chill down my spine. I actually burned this song down to a CD and would occasionally listen to it while driving about to work or home! Definitely my favorite work from Tornsage!"

4. Gamma by @Audial

"This was the first ever song I've heard from Audiotool and Audial. Right away, I knew, this site is exactly what I want. This is such an underrated track, quite frankly!"

5. Run by @Xavi

"This song was awesome. I can't really describe much of why I love it so much, but in my opinion, this is my most favorite work from Xav!"

6. Empire by @CGMan

"Wohoahoa, this track is just pure badass. I loved the bass and everything about it makes me feel awesome. I can totally imagine this in a videogame or a movie, which I hope CGMan one day gets that upgrade!"

7. Bike ride by @amoeba

"The reason behind this song is beautiful. I love just about everything about this track from that synth to the general feel of it! Always gives me a mix emotion that I just absolutely cannot describe."

8. why did i fade away by @opaqity

"I love the creativity of this track! Opaqity has so many beautiful tracks, but this one I found most interesting due to that synth that really reminds me of old school Metal Gears Solid for whatever reason!"

9. The Tower (unplugged) by @Snadbrugen

"Without a doubt, Sandboogie is amazeballs! This track starts off with a very suspenseful hook, which I like because it makes me feel like I'm in a murder mystery. Not sure why I'd ever want to be in a murder mystery, but blame it all on Sandy if I ever do!"

10. im sorry by @swrlly

"Last but not least, is this track! It is so strange, and unique due to the radio esque distortion! Very chilled and very cool!"

An underrated artist that I would like to address is probably @Jambam I honestly think that he deserves way more attention because all I ever see on his wall are my strange comments! Check him out, NOW!!

11. G303T by @Jambam

"303 is the way of living. Jambam is amazing at what he does, and THE WORLD NEEDS MORE JAMBAM!!"

12. Scarlet in the Red Forest by @Vassrvögel

"Probably my best one yet! Jambam did a beautiful job, and I just thought everything flowed so lovely together!"

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