on Thursday, June 20th, a girl named Chelsea was riding her bike home after summer school.

and got hit by a car.

and died.

i had walked right by the spot where she was hit 5 minutes earlier. 2 streets over from my house.

i did not know her. but this is for her.

this has that Lovers In Japan type synth i was talking about. pretty cool AT can do that. i heard she loved Coldplay so i tried to replicate that here.

and sorry its so long, i started it out short but then it got too long and really big and kept crashing so editing was almost impossible! i have a feeling im gonna have to do some guess-editing in this since i cant play it back, so wait to download until i say its ok. :)

and be careful when you ride a bike.

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  • such an emotionally driven track

  • I always come back to this track, because it's just so beautiful and the story behind it is so sad. I know you hate your old work to a certain extent but this song fills me with so many memories of Audiotool a few years back and just my life in general. You have always been my favorite artist on this site because you possess the rare talent of encapsulating emotion into a song.

  • No idea how I missed this gem! Goes deep under the skin!

  • lol thanks man, appreciate it :) hopefully i can find the time to do stuff like this again

  • No idea how I forgot to fav this with how many times I've listened to it.

  • dude this is still so fucking good

  • Amazing! Beautiful!

  • omg dem percs :3

  • the eenddinggg

  • ahhhhhhhhgg.

  • :|

  • lol guys, thank you, i should remaster this and make it a bit shorter, at parts it wanders...make it more respectable :)

  • <3 ..

  • Jesus christ, them favs. c;