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You can now help us fighting spam and unwanted content by downvoting comments and board topics.

When should I vote down?

Downvote posts that are spammy, misplaced or sloppy and do not add anything substantial to the discussion.

How do I vote down?

Click the down arrow to the right of each comment / topic. You can undo your votes by clicking the button again.

What happens when I vote down?

Comments and topics that have been downvoted multiple times are collapsed / greyed out.

Downvoting is not something we want you to take lightly! Use it wisely in the spirit to improve the platform.

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    Sonat about 5 months ago

    Downvoting is silly, it is up to the account owner to oversee the comments on his page and report conduct he doesn't like. That's how it should be. If you don't like something on someone else's track, too bad. It's their job to filter the comments, not some random account downvoting things on other people's account pages or tracks. Also by the guide above, that means I should downvote people who don't write well. That's just detrimental to the AT community, which in my estimate is already growing strangely snobbish over really unimportant things.

    For the record, we should all be grateful that this FREE DAW is even available to us. Let's just keep the community ethically responsible. Don't downvote and hide comments you don't like. Instead, tell them why they're wrong or, if spam, ignore it. Accounts have the ability to delete spam from their walls or tracks and report spam if they see fit. Self policing this issue by mob rule of voting is not going to make this a happier community. It's going to be abused and also tick off a lot of people whose comments will be shot down and unavailable.

    Many thanks to the AT creator(s) for even allowing this site to be free. Y'all's the real MVPs.

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      Sndbrgn about 5 months ago

      Have a look at the Sample Upload Temporarily Disabled thread. In my opinion the Downvote was used in a senseful way. I haven't seen any abuse over the time this function has existed. At least not in the quantity predicted by some doomsayers

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    PsychicNinjaSilverMoon about 5 months ago

    When the post about downvoting has been downvoted about 700 times XD

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      Sonat about 5 months ago

      Downvoting is dumb. If something breaks guidelines then it should just be removed, it shouldn't be up to couple of people who just downvote opinions they don't like.

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    naswalt about 6 months ago

    oops. "Downvoting is not something we want you to take lightly! Use it wisely in the spirit to improve the platform."

    I'll stop.