Edition Audiotool: AT Workshow

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Edition Audiotool: AT Workshow

Hey folks,

For the next Edition Audiotool Album we are looking for tracks in which you use a certain technique that might be of interest to other producers. Whether sound design - synthetic drums, wobbles, 808 basses, Pads etc. - or mastering, EQing - shows us the special tricks that make up your sound. Style doesn't matter with this album.

Please make sure that the track title includes the technique you are presenting and write a short explanation in the track description.

Because this task is a bit more demanding, we give you four weeks - means 4 July - to finish the tracks.

We hope for active participation ~

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    yonko. 4 hours ago

    if i may, i have three tracks to share, because my style cant be explained in one track

    it seems like im one upping everyone but instead its more a matter of showcasing a repetition of technique

    i tend to layer melodies and even hide them in chords to create even more complex chords and fast chord changes

    my drums are almost always based on my real life drumming, and i like to incorporate fills

    i sometimes layer samples together to make new sounds

    my synths are always drowned in reverb to fill in the gaps and create a sense of space

    i tend to mix abrasive and sharp synths with lush and soft synths to convey different emotions, usually of pain, angst, and depression

    in terms of mixing/mastering i always use a multiband compressor, with the most compression being in the mids

    then i merge all the bands into one unit, with tube, compression, and crusher in that order

    in older songs it may vary

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    Jetdarc 4 days ago

    This sounds interesting

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    Sndbrgn 6 days ago

    Naming the tracks and the short description is a must, not a wish

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    Nechurot 6 days ago

    i think i've mistaken this for a contest.