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UPDATE: Esports World Cup Remix Contest

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Hello Everyone,

The Audiotool remix contest is undergoing a significant change starting today: instead of having seven rounds with separate deadlines, there will now be a single deadline on August 20th.

If you've already rushed to submit your entry, don't worry! Submitting early has its advantages:

  • Tracks will be selected by EWC regardless of the contest to be played during the games at the event and used in marketing around the games. This is a great chance for your music to be showcased.
  • Judges and partners will be reviewing submitted tracks continuously from today. If you've already submitted, you might receive feedback, and you'll have the opportunity to refine your entries until the final voting period starts on August 20th.

Good Luck!

Visit the new page to see all twenty contests โฎ• https://ewc.audiotool.com/


Original Boardpost

Remix the EWC anthem track and Win a Recording Session with Spitfire Audio!

The remix contest series winner will win a trip to London to collaborate with virtual instrument makers Spitfire Audio on a bespoke sample pack for their new LABS library at Abbey Road Studios.

The prize includes:

  • A trip to London for you and a plus-one
  • Help from Spitfire Audioโ€™s top engineers on recording the pack
  • Your name featured alongside previous collaborators such as Adele, Frank Ocean and Suho.
  • Full credit and payment for your contribution to their virtual instruments library

The Contest:

Choose one or more contest categories, create your EWC anthem remix, and submit it. Each game title participating in the Esport World Cup has its own category. You can submit one entry per game. Besides the grand prize of becoming a signature Spitfire artist, category winners will receive a one-year LABS+ by Spitfire Audio subscription and hardware and software prizes worth over $20,000.

You can participate by creating and publishing your remix in Audiotool or by downloading the stems to create your remix in any DAW, then uploading your stems into Audiotool and publishing from there as an open track for others to discover and remix.

Download the stems: https://bit.ly/4ewIcaa (0.8GB)

The first categories open today with submission deadlines every two weeks, aligned with the finals of each game at EWC.

The Judges:

Your creations will be assessed by a panel of distinguished judges, including industry luminaries such as Flosstradamus, WLPWR, Oak Felder, and more. With their wealth of experience and expertise, rest assured that your exceptional tracks will be acknowledged and rewarded.

Calling all music and gaming enthusiasts! This is your moment to showcase your talent, unlock your creativity, and seize the opportunity to win amazing prizes, gain industry acclaim, and collaborate with industry giants. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to make some noise!

Have fun and good luck!

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  • We wanted to share a quick update with you all! We have decided to synchronize the deadlines for all our contests. This means that both the seven currently running contests and the thirteen contests starting next week will all have a deadline of August 20th. We hope this makes it easier for everyone to keep track. Happy competing!

    • Fixed. The contests with the expired deadline aren't active. They will start early next week.

    • all the contest that where not there yesterday yet are saying they are closed already but the deadline stands on last month maybe there is a bug or somthing went wrong ... thanks tho big blessing.

    • such a blessing! dog, thank you so much!

  • My question now is when a new Contest Starts, will the Stems available for downloading change? Or is the Anthem Track Stems gonna be the same throughout all of the contests? I'm asking because, I have made a remix from the Anthem Stems available, but I'm waiting to enter the Rennsport Racing Game contest, considering I'm producing Drum and Bass. See, because, I know that Drum and Bass music is perfect for Fast Paced Racing Games.

    • The Stems will stay the same throughout the entire series. So, you can get started on multiple remixes for different games on the list.

  • How do i export the stems? thanks!

  • what are the contest catagories

    • Don't take this too strict. At the end the judges will choose their favorite tracks

    • oh let me do that, i def messed up then

    • There are 20 games at the EWC. Each of these games has a certain sound and mood. Your task is to make a track of this mood and if you find the stems in the draft helpfull you can use any part of them. We are currently in round one with four of these 20 games.

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  • Oh it's on like Donkey Kong Now hehehe...Thank you so very much Snadbrugen and Naswalt...I think I've got it from here guys.

  • Ok I have a question for everyone. Is anybody else having some issues loading up the samples in AudioTool, to perform a remix, or is it just me? Plus, so far, from what I can tell, when I play the Anthem track from the Esports Website, the BPM is not the same as when I've uploaded it in Audiotool. Also for some stupid reason my Drum Machine isn't working at all, like literally, at all...It's not my internet, because I have full signal.....I have reloaded this Anthem track trying a remix several, several times, and quite frankly, it's really upsetting.... I'm almost convinced now that this event is not for me. I'm also almost convinced that if your lucky enough to get the samples to load up in Audiotool, that the best thing to do is to download the Samples as Stems, and then upload them to another Producing Program or Platform.... Personally for me, I don't care about doing any remixes. I like creating my own material, my own sound, my own way, in my own time, with my own BPM. I was gonna at least give this remix a try, because I've dreamed about taking a trip to London for a longtime now.


    • Oh and yes you were so right Naswalt. The samples were WAY TOO LONG LOL..... The Samples I'm uploading to Audiotool are always less than 30 seconds long, so now I'm having to cut, and breakdown the Stems Snadbrugen sent me, which I'm in the midst of doing now so...Thanks again guys. Wish me luck. LOL...I doubt I'll win but hey now I have a fighting chance to give a try... Hopefully.....we shall see I guess.

    • Thank you very much Naswalt my friend. You've also been a big help on answering some of my questions. I highly appreciate the input. Respect....and yes, I believe I will do the same, by taking out some of the stems or samples that I don't believe I will use. As far as the Booster goes, I haven't been using the Booster at all for all my projects. I had downloaded it a while back when I first started on Audiotool, and it must have gave me a corrupted file or something, but it did a number on my laptop, and I couldn't even open any of my projects up, so I uninstalled it. So far for me I've been getting along fine without it. That being said, I will keep everything you have mentioned in mind. Luckily, I'm very open minded about all these things.

    • Just in case my experience helps @Dj TeK-NjA sometimes the studio can struggle with a TON of long samples. Any of the boosters help. The beta booster loads them WAY faster than the legacy booster btw!

      Without the beta booster I've noticed than running every single sample can take a few minutes so I've decided to take out the stems I don't think I'll use.

      In the draft that's on the contest page each sample is 87 even. If you upload it and set the loop to 87 bpm you'll have no problem with the tuning. You can also set it as a oneshot if you keep that bpm in mind for your project space

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  • me and lammy lam

  • welp... guess what were doing @@nomadnohome ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

  • imagine making a soundtrack at 87.5bpm

  • sorry i cannot touch something this epic

  • and if i get second or third place? what prizes do I get?

    • Only the first places of each contest will receive prices.

  • ๐Ÿ‘

  • What's the max amount of collab ppl 1-??