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Join the Audio Engine Open Beta!

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We have an update for you, however we need your help with it.

We are inviting you to join the open beta. Help us refine the core component of the upcoming Studio version: the Audio Engine.

Already using the Booster? Do you know your tracks well and have a good ear for subtle differences in sound? Do you want to play MIDI instruments with low-latency?

You are the perfect candidate to join the open beta and share your feedback.

Join the Open Beta -> (Sign Up closed for now)

Note: There will be future chances to join the next phases of the open beta.


What’s in it for you?

Experiment with the first key piece of the upcoming Studio and share your feedback to shape the future of Audiotool.

What is the Audio Engine?

The Audio Engine is the core of the production Studio and handles all audio processing. Basically, it transforms what you see in your desktop and timeline into what you hear during playback. By default, the Audio Engine runs in the browser. The Booster application – well – gives you a performance … boost.

What do you need?

  • You must be able to download and install a new Booster application to use the new Audio Engine in the current Studio.
  • Access to a MIDI device (like a piano or controller) to test the input latency.
  • Your email address for us to contact you.

What do we need help with?

  • Identify differences in sound comparing the current and new version
  • Play instruments with MIDI input (or the virtual keyboard) and share feedback on latency
  • Test performance using your projects


A message to you

Audiotool was born out of the belief that everyone should be able to create music collaboratively and independently, regardless of their financial means. This will not change.

We‘ll become an open platform supporting third-party plugins and are trying our best to be as compatible as possible with other DAWs to allow producers moving between ecosystems. With that step we‘ll also introduce options to buy or subscribe to content, services or special features, but today’s features and more will always be free.

Understanding Our Technical Evolution

Our journey has been fueled by passion and innovation. Since our restart in September 2022, we've been hard at work. We’ve raised a Pre-Seed financing round that enabled us to hire a very talented team and have since been in the process of taking Audiotool to the next level.

Our tech is getting a restart too. The current platform, though mostly functional, is built on older, increasingly deprecated technologies that make any seemingly simple change difficult. This first beta is one piece of the puzzle in launching a new version with the features you love but with better performance, easier use, lower latency, and most importantly a foundation on which to release regular updates.


We hope this update addresses some of your concerns and underlines our commitment to continuously improving Audiotool. The discussions in the community around recent events haven’t escaped our attention. We will address these in a future statement. We are excited to let you take a sneak peak at some of the new things to come. It's an honor to have you as a part of this journey, because your feedback is crucial for this next big step!

The Audiotool Team

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  • Is it just me or does it sound more compressed?

  • I have a Chromebook and that is how I make music so if they stop the lag that will be great!!!!

  • When Witt the audio engine be fully released, and will it optimize the studio so that I can work on complex drafts on a Chromebook without it lagging?

    • performance issues vary based on what you are using and how you are using it

    • you can do a lot with just one

      i've pushed a chromebox to it's limit so i know

    • mine is a bit higher end it would get choppy at 40ish

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  • I wish I still had a midi keyboard....

  • only got 48kHz audio so i really can't run the booster for the time being

    • Oh wait, v can mean very, but the usual one is tysm

    • Bro the mod made a typo XD it’s funny and I’m not making fun it’s just something to laugh at and laugh off

    • Sorry about that. You'll have another chance in the next phases. But tyvm for trying!

  • I have tested the audiotool booster with tascam th-03 and Yamaha H28 pair, seperately, with the beat FADED LOVE which i ended up using on my last album Nomadic (234 AM Ft. Renaissauce Man and TrevyyWayy the quality of the reese bass and the drums that me and breezy had produced inbetween sound way more clearer than what the quality i was trying to push out when i had released that beat for the album, hence why theres a large gap inbetween the release date of that beat and the creation of that song was finding the proper lift on the eq of the original beat. The booster is most def a game changer for audiotool and I always offer this as a FREE DAW reference to those who are looking to get into production for real.

    • I worked with the midi too i dont think I ever had an issue with the latency on either my MPK mini or the novation launchkey 49 Just submitted my feedback on my producer email not the email linked to my audiotool (itll still say nomad)

    • Glad you got it running. To share feedback, at best use the provided forms so our team can keep proper track of everything.

    • Please read the email that you were sent, follow the link, and you'll be provided with information on where to send the feedback.

  • It says for me after downloading, There is no application set to open the document “audiotool-booster-0.0.6-macos-x86_64”.

    • You got it running? Fantastic and congrats. We know it's not super smooth and easy everywhere yet, but that's also not the goal yet.

      How you should test depends on what you want to test. The link provided in the email gives you 2 testing guides. One for A/B testing to identify sound differences between the current and new audio engine and the other instruction tells you how to test MIDI and how to provide feedback. There is a link in there leading you to a form.

      Hope this help.

    • copy that doing it right now

    • i think you have to open a certain song twice, one with the booster running and one without, and compare differences in sound. If anything sounds different, send feedback

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  • Thank you very much for all of the sign-ups, comments, and questions.

    Today, we are starting.

    Everyone who has signed up has received an email with further information.

    We are keen to read your feedback.

    Have fun!

    (Anyone who wasn't able to join will have another opportunity in the future.)

    • Wait how does one add an image?

    • look it up on youtube for your specific computer build and the instructions whether its your driver for the MIDI interface, or the CPU

    • yeah so what hes saying with switching it manually, whatever interface or driver your computer is running the midi thru you have to adjust the audiorate to 44.1kHz

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  • Epicly nice,I should use that for new musics Thanks!

  • I better be able to use Supermassive on this, or Purity

  • Awesome to hear, i already registered a few days ago but came back to read the entire thing lol

  • I wonder if I'll ever be able to use serum with this

  • This is awesome

  • i can't install the new booster nor do i have a midi keyboard, so how on earth could i contribute

    • You are probably not alone with that. But don't worry, there will be future chances to play around with a new version and share your feedback.

  • I have a small midi hopefully it will be enough