New Sample Partner: newloops.com

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New Sample Partner: newloops.com

We are very happy to introduce you our new partner for samples: (link is only visible to registered users) is an English sound design label publishing audio sample packs and synthesiser presets. With a focus on quality and usability. New Loops sounds are used by DJs, producers, music studios, and composers all over the world. We start with a package of more than 400 High Quality mainly drum-samples (One-Shots), which are now available for you in our library. Give them a warm welcome!


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    808Leelo 2 hours ago

    so i downloaded some sounds how do i use them in next?? or just AT

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      SILABUS 1 hour ago

      Search for user newloops here on audiotool page ( not flash nor next ) click on his assets and there are all loops and oneshots he has uploaded. Faborite the ones you like and later they will show up in next/flash under favorite tab. Like you didn't know?

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      Sndbrgn 1 hour ago

      No problem

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      808Leelo 1 hour ago

      its good thanks for trying to help me get them

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    leonix 10 hours ago


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    私はjura. 13 hours ago

    Hell yeah thanks! <33

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    Ty Freestyle 13 hours ago

    the new samples seem to discourage trap-like sounds, and exclusively promote other genres. Is there any way to get multiple types of genres in the samples as well? Thanks.

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      Sndbrgn 7 hours ago

      Seems like it belongs to the Trap artist's attitude to feel discouraged and disadvantaged

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      BEN~ 9 hours ago

      alot of snares and such seem quite trap/hip-hoppy, you just have to use them the right way