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Notifications Dropdown

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Notifications Dropdown

Notifications are now accessible from the top menu bar, next to the avatar.

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    Vulkron 9 hours ago

    Would it be possible to make a ping noise whenever you get a notif? You would also be able to set the volume of the ping and set which notifs you want to set off the ping noise.

    Also, the title of tracks and artists isnt in bold anymore, could you do that so i know what to click on?

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    Vulkron 14 hours ago

    Honestly i dont mind it, i just come back after an hour off AT and i already see i have 99+ notifs

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    Ethan 5 days ago

    currently not working on my pc. the drop down fails to appear. (link is only visible to registered users) i am using the most recent version of chrome on windows 10.0.17134 Build 17134

    I am using multiple pop-up blockers and ad-blocker extensions.


    While it was working when initially released I realised that I am personally not a fan of this feature. It is far less readable than the standard information displayed on the home page like before. I would be extremely grateful if this feature was restored. If the notification dropdown remains then I think it should be refined much more. I feel that only personal notifications should be displayed there such as "who liked my track", "new follower", "new comment on my track" etc. I hope that these ideas can be taken into consideration.

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    水 - Mizu 5 days ago

    The activity feed doesn't show up

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    Apollo 6 days ago

    I'm sorry but this is not very well implemented as it is now.

    It's the exact same as the newsfeed that displays directly adjacent to the dropdown.

    These notifications should be catered directly to the user:

    Who commented on my wall,

    Who liked my tracks, commented, added them to an album

    All of these relate to my activity.

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      Apollo 6 days ago

      Everything that was in bold on the newsfeed should show up in this feed.

      Also, the UI (generally, across the board) is slowly drifting from decency...