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Audiotool welcomes every musician to our platform. Stems are a well-known method for exchanging projects across different DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). We recognize that many users switch between DAWs to leverage various tools and features. Now, with the ability to upload stems on Audiotool, you can seamlessly integrate your projects from other DAWs while staying connected with the Audiotool community.

What are Stems?

Stems are individual audio tracks that together form a complete song. They allow elements like vocals, drums, bass, and synths to be separated and manipulated independently.

Why Upload Stems on Audiotool?

  • Creative Freedom: We understand that different DAWs or tools may suit your personal preferences or specific use cases. We don't want to limit you—do whatever is technically possible and legally allowed.
  • Educational Value: While “AT only” tracks offer unmatched educational value, stems are also a valuable resource. They allow you to explore different arrangements and enhance your production skills by dissecting each element of a track.
  • Remixing and Mashups: Stems simplify the process of creating remixes and mashups. By opening up your tracks for remixes, you can collect amazing versions of your track and provide Audiotool users with even more creative opportunities.

We acknowledge that learning with “AT only” tracks allows users to dive deeper into the creative process. We also understand concerns about “AT only” tracks getting recognition in charts. To address this, we aim to enhance the way content is browsed and discovered on Audiotool and will feature and reward “AT only” tracks. Instead of imposing restrictions, we’ll ensure that all content, whether stems or “AT only,” gets the recognition it deserves while remaining technically and legally compliant.

No matter where your creative journey takes you, use Audiotool your way.

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  • would be nice to also add more samples to the default library

  • Hairhe .

  • :o

  • When will be added? :)

  • Can I just say how awesome it is that even if it is somewhat limited, audiotool is like the most open source thing ever?

    • What do you mean by limited? How is it open-sourced?

  • strongly fw this

  • a DAW is a tool

    a means, not the end

    i welcome the change

    wondering if we will also be able to *download* our tracks as stems as well. This is the single most feature that prevents me from sometimes wanting to start an idea in AT

    i'd love to create in AT, and take it outside to expand upon too sometimes

    • I’ll have to update my stance here:

      I originally thought about this from the lens of just pure sampling as 90% of my music is sample based. But I think creative sampling is different from literally importing a whole track as is from a different DAW. I think it defeats the purpose of what Audiotool is..

      But also I’ve seen instances of people recording outside but arranging and legit mixing in AT

      Our community can recognize “made in another DAW” vs. “arranged and mixed and touched up with AT” so I’m not too concerned about this. naswalt, withdecay, sim are great champions of this “mixed media” approach to AT

    • you could also separate all stems out like every 8 bars so they play at once and export that

      might be an issue for a big project with a lot of tracks tho

    • @po6t i just dk what the easier alternative would be. it's tedious, yeah, but it works

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  • I will try

  • Great. Soon we will be able to see someone upload NCS tracks in there with this.

  • awesome

  • This is awesome ngl

  • I'm concerned about this, because some people might take advantage of this and upload whole tracks from other DAWs. I think the current sample uploading system should work fine, IDK.

    • Yeah I've been allowing the public to use my stems that I make

    • at the same time, the 30 second sample limit is no longer there, actual instrument tracks can be used now.

    • ohhh ok

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  • i like this

    great idea

  • I wish they had features that would allow for the usage of third party plugins and vsts. It would definitely make sound designing with subtractive synthesis a lot easier.

    • Just get a one-shot kit

    • It's funny because if they had a sampler then vsts wouldn't be required

    • I agree with you friend. Like Serum, Voxengo Span Plus, Elephant, Loudness Meter, and even plug ins like using Granular Synthesis...that's just to name a few of a gazillion others out there LOL, but still, I kind of like how simplified Audiotool is. Its straight to the point. Hook up and go. Sometimes, it can get too crazy and complicated trying to use all those Plug ins. It would be a nice feature and all, however, good sound comes from what you can make of it. All them other plug ins are mainly for all the Masterclass Producers whom constantly push the boundaries for production. I always said Old School was the way to go, but hey to each their own.

  • "Now, with the ability to upload stems on Audiotool" made this seem like it was announcing a new feature. i now understand and support the message 100% but that was kind of awkward phrasing LOL