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Winner in a few minutes / People's Choice Featured Artist

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Thank you for the active participation. It was fun. You can see the winner here

Connect >> News >> People's Choice Featured Artist Winner: Sphere

Yours Audiotool Basement ☮☮☮

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  • The winner will be announced in a few minutes

  • Election Office Closed

  • None of the above.

  • i feel its either pixus or ImThing2 lmao

  • at the end will you reveal the names on the chart

    • I think they did last year [citation needed]

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  • Alright fellas: Two of the twenty nominees had a feature years ago that almost certainly none of the new users read because it is on Facebook and not here on the website. It's fine that there are people here who don't think it's a good idea that we gave users the opportunity to nominate those artists for this occasion, but please be respectful to the nominees, they didn't come up with the idea, we did. We will check for the next time if we offer this again, but for this time it is the way it is, so please accept it and make sure with your vote that it will be someone else if it is so important to you. At 15-2, the chances are not so bad that it will be someone else.

  • my music aint good enough to get featured. gonna try a million times harder ill get here one day

    • thanks! ill be rooting for you too! ^-^

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  • good luck...

  • honestly almost everyone on the lists deserves a spot, im pretty sure they all will get it :D

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  • Pixus decay for the win

    • xxx

    • Yes I had one. I won the first public election - Open this one for artists who already have been featured is one thing but for some known reasons not me again. Times have changed :)

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  • would vote with all my alts but thats rather unfair :>

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