Kicking off the year with an experiment!


Basically a less impressive lonesome but with a tonematrix instead of a 303.


I've done something similar with the 909 before, but the tonematrix is much harder because it only has one output. While you could split the output, they would be exact copies and you would have to manipulate the sound to create different layers. The multiple outputs on the 909 allow you to play multiple note-blocks simultaneously, without the outputs interfering with each other.

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  • okay, now try making an entire track with 1 sample :3

  • i finally get how you did this

  • I love the screenshot

  • You sould make a song thats mainly just like the thing as the image for this song!

  • fucking how????

    • goddamn u stumped vulkron

      this a WHOLE nother level of holy shit

    • reverb effects

      I think you can delay stuff a ton with quasar without only wet effect

      + rasselbock has those abilities too

    • rai is god

      don't question it

  • terrifying level of genius

  • ahhh i've been working on one myself, but u beat me to it lol

  • damn

  • Yeah, nice. Now let's get back to appreciating some good music that's been left in the dust, unnoticed by various artists on the site.

    @Perdition Made a track out of slapping his dick against the table, so things like this ain't a big deal.

    • LMAO

    • I guess im leaving the track pinned now that Mr. @sila decided to give me free promo, lmao. On a real note, i am very touched (pause) by this comment

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  • #1 on singles

  • the hats and the snare sound sooo good, big brain music, well done!

  • i like it

  • so insanely impressive

  • easy rechart this week, i can feel it

  • Look at that workspace! This is beautiful.