LYRICS: We will talk and we will sleep. We are friends and enemies. We feel like we belong. I will stand my ground not fall. Up top looking down a hall. My hills on fire.

I don't need to set myself on fire (all the clues were found in my house).

cut me in pieces. I'll leave this shell behind. Don't run away free.

Always a great time working with @sim

I think when we're both in a session we're just trying to show off to each other. It feels like when my friends used to jam in high school.

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  • Great song dude keep it up man!Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover

  • Bruh this shit goes hard. I sincerely hope you make music for the rest of my life so i can hear your work. Always a bop when its nas.

  • i remember that familiar picture character ?!:0 GOOD JOB!!!

  • Congrats on 3rd place!!!!!! Really banked on this one to win after ours hahaha

  • I feel like I'm back in 2012, playing Forza Horizon. The first one.

    • RIGHT?

    • yea it is, for me the horizon series is the most enjoyable but i hated driving on the left side in horizon 4 smh

    • I only have the first one XD

      The motorsport series is also great

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  • Always a pleasure working with you my g :D

    We have to have a proper session at some point. I've got to start seriously planning a trip up

    • andrew huang

      one of my idles

      know im hyped

    • Definitely. That’s a really good idea, actually

    • We'd have to document the whole thing. Could be fun to do a video along with a song kinda like Andrew Huang and Rob Scallion


  • consider my pants shidded

  • #Pop only marginally diffrent than #Poop.

    Jk.. Just furious that we got such competent competition on the competition xD

    Great job here!

    • i only saw like 2-3 entries so it makes sense that's probs one of the reasons it got extended lol

    • Maybe, or they didn't receive enough entries?

      In any case, it would be great to see more collabs to represent audiotool

      Seems that we are few to participate sofar :/

    • they're hoping to keep people focused on music throughout NNN

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  • I honestly never would have guessed that this was made on AT unless you told me, this is quality shite

  • it was like wow incredible then it turned into hey not bad then it became brap stink 21 then it was like hey not bad not bad but then it was like ehh yeah ok yeah then it was like ok then it became brap stink 21 again and then it was like pog city before turning into brap stink 21 again

    thank you

    • that's my songwriting formula.

    • definetly :D

    • im gonna assume you mean the song was a mix of epic and decent XDDDDdddd

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  • One word.


  • Can't find the proper words in a dictionary.

    Amazing job guys :)

  • Nice! :thumbs_up:

  • Holy fuckinh SHIT