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  • I forgot to check this out, its crazy let me tell ya

  • this sounds like what swimming in miami feels like

  • love it

  • how do you pitch samples without it clipping or cutting

    • They're just pitched higher because the track is faster than their natural BPM. I picked some that sounded good together and built everything else around them rather than trying to force them into the project

  • this is the one

  • Like the upright bass with the sax, that stop and continues with a groovy melody.

  • wow

  • love you goon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fuck yes

  • love the bassline

  • this soooo smooth ! The bridge is ridiculously good. <3

  • Republished

    coupla levels

  • Just saw your interview went up earlier! Much love, man!

  • amazing stuff

  • love