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  • such a unique soundscape you created here

  • 90s VIBES

  • What book is this?

    I need the lyrics

    To me it just sounds like Japanese and English mixed

    • Oh ok I see

      Very well done

      Didn't know you even read the Bible

      Very neat

    • this is from Ephesians 4:22 -24

      I think I mainly used the NLT translation, but it was minaly inspired instead of transcribed.

  • I'm from Russia.And I want to listen to this creation in vk . Is that possible sir?

  • Another banger! Cool to see you do synthwave! Keep it up

  • Yet another great track. I've been jamming out to your tracks lately, I love the vibes they give.

  • noice

  • ive been listening to this song more than i listen to most your music

  • banging cover art

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  • dude ur straight up the best singer on at just saying ive been a fan for a very long time lol keep it up bro

  • doing the dishes and dancing to this with a knife in my hand hits different

  • my day got 100% better when i saw you uploaded a new song

    • So long as i can cheer someone up like this i an NEVER going to stop making music.

    • very pog

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  • Another delicious track

  • Since i have nothing to do with my life, how about a special repetitive version?

  • Really cool!